Basic operations software is preinstalled. Small and lightweight and easy-to-use entry model.

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Trade Description



Superior operability

Superior scanning performance in every situation. Stress-free operability improves working efficiency.

Flexible scanning :remote and touch readable

Flexible scanning : remote and touch readable

Scanning from a remote position is available as well as touch-scanning, which can easily read a barcode only by touching the reading window to it. Even novice scan easily use it as they don't need to pay much attention to the scanning position.

Able to scandamaged barcodes

Able to scan damaged barcodes

Even obscured, faint, or damaged barcodes can be read smoothly with one scan.(1)

High speed scanning andcompatibility with wide barcodes

High speed scanning performance of 200 scans/sec enables smooth and continuous barcode reading when checking incoming goods or other similar activities. It reduces the stress of continuous barcode scanning and the work time at the same time. In addition, "wide barcodes" such as CODE39 of EIAJ labels can be scanned.


The design was achieved through ergonomic research into the ways of pressing buttons and holding a terminal during operation.

Realizing an ideal form for carrying and operation.

Triple trigger

Triple trigger

The triple trigger (2), which enables you to use both your thumb and index finger to scan, is adopted. You can scan barcodes and press keys without changing your grip.

Slim and pocket-sized

Slim and pocket-sized

You can put it into the breast pocket of your work jacket and carry it easily while doing other work.

Head curve for efficient aiming at a barcode

Head curve for efficient aiming at a barcode

The gradual curve to the reading window leads the head naturally to a barcode.

BHT-900 series assists you in every situation.

For inbound/outboundchecking and inventory count

For inbound/outbound checking and inventory count

Paper-based management of goods is cumbersome especially in inventory count periods. BHT-900 helps you in those periods. Thanks to the preinstalled basic operations software for, you can use the terminal fully from the very day you introduce it.

For sales management ofa temporary sales space

For sales management of a temporary sales space

BHT-900 is suitable for use in temporary sales spaces such as a stand. Its slim and small body can be placed anywhere even in small space.

For entrance management at an event

For entrance management at an event

Handy terminals are convenient for entrance management at a temporary event space. BHT-900 is light and easy to operate, and women can easily carry one.

For correct replacement of reels

For correct replacement of reels

Two-point matching operation is easy with BHT-900, which has preinstalled basic operations software. By reading the codes on the current one and next one at reel replacement, you can prevent wrong reel replacement from the very day you introduce BHT-900.

  1. Some barcodes cannot be read due to their state of deterioration.
  2. BHT-904B and BHT-904BB only. BHT-914B is equipped with single tigger.




Model Batch model Bluetooth model
Type BHT-914B BHT-904B BHT-904BB
CPU 32bit RISC
Memory(1) 16MB (User area : 8MB)
Display Size 128 × 96 dots
Display device Liquid crystal dot matrix monochrome display
Size 32.6 mm × 24.5 mm (1.6 inches)
Number of Displayable characters ANK 21 characters × 12 lines (standard font)
21 characters × 16 lines (small font)
Kanji 8 characters × 6 lines (standard font)
10 characters × 8 lines (small font)
Alphabet andNumeric 16 characters × 6 lines (standard font)
20 characters × 8 lines (small font)
Backlight White LED
Scanner Scanning system Advanced Scanning (CCD)
Readable codes EAN-13/-8 (JAN-13/-8), UPC-A/-E, UPC/EAN (With add-on), Interleaved 2 of 5, Standard 2 of 5, CODABAR (NW-7), CODE39, CODE93, CODE128, GS1-128 (EAN-128), RSS (GS1 DataBar)
Resolution 0.125mm
Reading conformation 3-color LED (Red/Green/Blue)
Keypad Number of keys 26 Keys 28 Keys (include trigger keys)
Communications Optical I/F Communicationprotocol Infra-red (IrDA-SIR Ver.1.2〔Low Power〕compliant)
Transmissionspeed 460.8kbps MAX.
Transmissiondistance Approx. 0.15 m
Bluetooth - Bluetooth Ver.2.1+EDR class 2 compliant
Cable I/F USB Ver.2.0 (High Speed 480Mbps)
Power supply Main power Alkaline AA battery × 2 or AA eneloop® battery × 2
Operation hours(2) Approx. 200 hours(3)
Auxiliary functions Speaker, resume function, remote wakeup function
EnvironmentRequirements Operatingtemperature -5°C to 50°C
Dust & splashresistance IP54
Drop resistance(4) 1.2 m × 60 times (10 times on each six sides) on a concrete floor
Mass (including alkaline AA batteries) Approx. 145 g Approx. 160 g
  1. The user area includes font file area (approx 400KB).
  2. Operation hours may vary according to operating conditions.
  3. In the case of 2 times reading per 10 seconds, without Bluetooth communication.
  4. Tested data, not guaranteed.